Dealing with a storm damaged roof in New England

Let’s face it: New England has rough winters and your roof takes the brunt of the beating.  Storm damage based on inclimate weather consistently plagues our area, so we’d like to provide you with some tips on how to recognize and repair your roof with as little stress as possible. Check out our helpful guide to storm damage below.

Visible Signs Of Roof Damage Due To A Storm

  • Water damage
  • Water leakage
  • Loss of granules and pock marks
  • Cracked shingles
  • missing shingles

What to Do When You Discover Storm Damage

  • Do you have a water leakage? If so, remove all items from the site of the leak and find something to catch the water in so it doesn’t cause you further damage.
  • Examine your entire roof from one end to the other as closely (and safely) as possible. You may even want to consider breaking out your binoculars for an in depth inspection.
  • If possible, cover any holes in your roof until you can get professional assistance. Spread a waterproof canvas or tarp over your roof and hold in place securely (even with ropes and nails) so that it won’t blow off and cause more damage to your belongings while you’re awaiting your replacement/repair.
  • Seal up smaller holes with roof sealant for a temporary protection.Keep in mind this is not a viable option for repairing your roof long term, but may provide you with some protection from the elements until you can get a roofer to assist you.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. See our tips on working with your insurance company below so you know what questions to ask to avoid frustrations.

Tips for Filing a claim with Your Homeowners Insurance

  • Have your policy information handy when you call.
  • Discuss deadlines and procedures for filing your claim.
  • Have details ready on what kind of storm caused the damage and when it occurred.
  • Get detailed information about what repair/replacement your insurance covers. Will it pay for a whole new roof?  If not, know that replaced roof sections will wear at different rates and shingles may not match those used on the remainder of your roof. Both factors could negatively affect the value of your home if/when you look to sell it.
  • Inquire how quickly an adjustor will be out to examine your property? A leaking roof needs immediate repair so be sure an adjustor will be out to inspect your property quickly. Its also best to have your contractor and adjustor inspect your roof at the same time so that your insurance company does not minimize the damage and cost of repairs you could be facing and leave you footing the remainder of your bill.
  • Ask about the claims payment process. Will your insurance company pay your contractor directly or will they pay you for the repair? Is payment furnished upfront based an estimate or after the work is completed and invoiced by your contractor?

What to Consider When Hiring Your Roofing Company

  • Are they familiar with the claims payment procedure for your insurance company? Some insurance companies pay out claims at a lower rate per square foot then what you may be charged by your roofing company. Make sure your estimate and your insurance payout amount are clearly defined. You don’t want to be left paying money because you didn’t get the details you needed.
  • Have you discussed their payment process in detail? Do they require a deposit? Will they bill the insurance company directly? If so, do they have the details of your policy to submit their invoice for payment?
  • Does the company have a local presence? Storm-prone areas tend to be plagued by companies referred to as “storm chasers” who travel to different locations hit by specific storms to target homeowners, but aren’t there to support their work after they’ve taken your money and “run.”
  • Since the insurance company is footing the bill, wouldn’t you want hire the best company for you project? Jason Carnes the owner of J Carnes & Son Roofing has over 24 years experience with roof installation and roof repair.  J Carnes & Son Roofing installs and repairs roofs on all residential and commercial properties in Rockingham County New Hampshire, Essex County Massachusetts and select Maine towns.

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