Inspection and maintenance of your roof system can save you thousands

Chances are the overall condition of your roof is not something you think about on a daily basis. It’s one of those things that we take for granted because it is not in our direct line of vision. And if it is not leaking, it must be fine. On the other hand, if it starts leaking it demands 100 percent of your attention. Unfortunately the real truth of the matter is every roof whether it leaks or not requires attention periodically.
It would be ideal to have a new roof installed and never have to give it another thought. Problem is roofs in New England are subject to additional wear and tear resulting from the diverse weather conditions in this part of the country. A new roof actually starts to break down the day it is installed. The UV rays from the sun, the wind, rain, hail, snow and Ice all take their toll on roofing materials. One tiny leak that is unnoticed or left unattended is enough to cause damage. Another costly oversight is not replacing roofing shingles before they visually deteriorate. Just because you do not see a leak or your old shingles appear satisfactory does not mean the shingle is actually performing properly. When roofing shingles age the asphalt in them eventually dries out and compromises the protection the shingle provides. And once moisture gets through, you’re now at risk for mildew, rot and mold weakening the structure of your home. Black mold is very toxic and can get you very sick. In some cases you could be forced to evacuate your home to have it removed. This is very costly and is generally not covered under any insurance policies. At the time it might seem easier to put off repairing a small leak or to invest in a full roof replacement, but you will pay for the delay.

Roof leaks and moisture problems, no matter how small, will develop into complications that lead to costly repairs and renovations. Chances are by the time you actually see water penetrating the interior of your home the problem has already been going on for some time. Water flows to the point of least resistance. In your attic, down your walls, soaks insulation, destroys wall board and can soak carpets and window frames to say the least. A leak or excess moisture that has been active for a while will eventually trigger mold growth while deteriorating any wood or metal nails and fasteners that might be in its path. The cost for just repairing a leak or replacing an aged roof is minimal compared to ripping out and replacing entire sections of your house in addition to the necessary roof work.
Now the question is, if it’s possible for leaks and moisture problems to begin sight unseen, how would one actually know that there is a problem that needs to be addressed?

Simple, schedule annual inspections and perform preventive maintenance as needed.

At J Carnes & Son Roofing, we offer roof repair as well as annual roof inspection services. While some repairs are simple and treated as a service call, the more complicated ones we will provided a free estimate along with an itemized scope of the work to be performed. And all repairs come with a complimentary exterior inspection of the entire roof system.

Our full roof inspections are carried out with a visual inspection of all aspects of the roof construction, from both the interior and exterior of the structure. On the exterior we inspect for proper installation of the roof system as well as the overall condition of the shingles. We look for cracks, blistering shingles, algae, staining, missing granules and broken seals. We inspect all flashed penetrations including step flashed walls, chimneys, skylights, plumbing flashings, roof vents and caps. On the interior where accessible, we check for signs of water stains and mold.

During our inspection if we do come across a problem area we will bring it to your attention then address the problem. Simple solutions like sealing a shingle or shoring up a piece of flashing will not be charged additional. And if we find your roof needs to be replaced or you need a costly repair, as a courtesy we will deduct the fee for the roof inspection off your final repair or replacement invoice.

To schedule a roof inspection simply fill out the contact form or just give us a call. Most prices can be quoted right over the phone. Visit our home page at for more information.