Chimney Flashing and Repair

One of the more common places for a leak to occur on a roof is around the Chimney. Unless flashed properly your chimney will leak resulting in added expense to repair rot, interior water damage and the actual source of the leak. With every roof system that we install we make certain that the chimneys are flashed correctly using proven techniques endorsed by both the National Roofing Contractors Association and GAF the largest manufacturer of roofing products in North America.

First we clean your chimney of all existing tar and metal flashings. The deck around the chimney is thoroughly inspected for loose wood and or rot. If either of these are present we will repair. Next, if applicable we build a cricket at the back of the chimney. A cricket is basically a small peak that sits behind the chimney. The purpose is to prevent the water from hitting the chimney directly in the back by simply diverting it to either side. Chimney crickets are recommended on every chimney that is built through the center of a roof. Chimneys which are built up the exterior side of a wall or through the ridge of the roof do not need crickets.

The next step is to grind out all the mortar joints needed to secure the counter flashing. We then wrap the chimney securely with an ice and water shield leak barrier. The shingles are then step flashed around the sides and back of the chimney using a single piece of aluminum step flashing for each shingle. Lead counter flashing is installed and all joints are mortared.

Our Chimneys are GUARANTEED not to Leak!

Be wary of a company that does not specifically detail their flashing procedure with your chimney. Tar manufactures claim tar is flashing. Tar might be useful for a quick temporary fix in an emergency situation, however, it is not acceptable for a permanent application. If an estimate simply states “Flash Chimney” or “Flash Skylight” they will probably use tar on your roof. The lifespan for tar is approximately 5 years. This is a problem if you’re installing a 30 year or better roof system. Plus tar looks horrible.

Most roofing companies do not offer a properly flashed chimney. It involves masonry work that novice roofers are not accustomed to. A properly flashed chimney using lead, aluminum or copper will outlast your asphalt roofing materials.

Make sure to ask questions to avoid headaches. Never let the low ball roofer convince you tar is ok. It’s not and it will cost you in the long run!

Poorly Flashed Chimney Photos

Correctly Flashed Chimney Photos