Roof Storm Damage Repair Services


Roof storm damage repair services in Hampton Falls, NH


Roof Storm Damage in the Hampton Falls, NH Area? Call For Help: 603-686-7763

J Carnes and Son Roofing offers trusted emergency roof repair services for home and business owners within our local community.

Whether your roof is currently leaking or if you notice it has sustained damage from wind, rain, or snow, our emergency response team can help keep your building protected. When a roof is damaged, prompt action should be taken to ensure damage is minimized.

Roofs can be damaged from a variety of causes. Here are a few that we commonly deal with:

Wind Damage

High winds can damage the best roofing systems. If your roof was damaged after a recent storm, please contact us immediately for repairs to keep the weather out!


As roofs age, they experience a natural deterioration that can lead to damaged flashing, missing shingles, and more.

Ice Dams

Freeze-thaw cycles throughout the winter months can lead to the development of ice dams on your home. Ice dams begin small, but can grow and work their way under your shingles and into your home.

Improper Installation/Defective Materials

New homeowners are often surprised to find that their roof, only a few years old, has sprung a leak. This can be caused by improper installation – or defective materials that cannot stand up to weathering. In either case, we can help.

Our Process

When you contact our team at J Carnes and Son Roofing, in need of an emergency roof repair, we will work with you quickly to assess the situation and provide you with a quality solution that will last. From replacing missing shingles to locating and stopping the source of a roof leak, our experienced roofers will work with you to eliminate your roofing problems.

Contact our team when you need a trusted repair team. Our job is to keep your home or business safe and protected from the elements.