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Mule-Hide Commercial EPDM Roofing Systems

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J Carnes & Sons is proud to be a certified Mule-Hide EPDM Roofing System installer. EPDM is a fully adhered roofing system, which uses an acrylic water-based bonding system for fast installation. EPDM is an extremely strong, lightweight, single-ply roofing membrane. It is flexible in hot and cold temperatures and is conducive to New Hampshire climate fluctuations.

Mule-Hide EPDM Product Features:

  • Strength – High tensile strength for long-term watertight integrity.
  • Flexibility – Membrane stays flexible through volatile temperature fluctuations, so it will not split or crack.
  • Long Lifecycle – Excellent resistance to ozone and UV damage. Several commercial warranty options.

Mule-Hide Warranty Program

As a certified Mule-Hide contractor, we are able to offer an extensive warranty program, with several commercial roofing options, including Membrane Warranties, Standard System Warranties and Premium System Warranties.

We Are A Mule-Hide Warranty Eligible Contractor

A Mule-Hide representative inspects all commercial projects for which a Standard System Warranty or a Premium System Warranty is requested, prior to the issuance of the warranty. The installing contractor must be a Mule-Hide Warranty Eligible Contractor.