4 Ways Skylights Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency

4 Ways Skylights Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency


Skylights bring energy and natural light to the indoors, adding comfort to a home. They represent a strong statement to your neighborhood that you care about both energy efficiency and the environment. Here are four specific ways that skylights improve home energy efficiency.

1. Bring In Natural Light

Windows on roofs essentially describe skylights in the most basic way. Light shines down from the sun into a room during daylight hours, reducing the need for electric lighting. This type of traditional lighting reduces glare in the room, creating a more balanced appearance.

2. Cut Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gases

Using less electric lighting translates into enormous energy savings over time. In the process you’ll be reducing greenhouse gases from the utility that is likely powered by a fossil fuel plant. The more you save energy the more you contribute to sustainability, which amounts to less wear and tear on the environment and more efficient use of the sun, which provides endless energy. Natural light helps cool a home without turning on the HVAC system.

3. Visual Blending with the Outdoors

The aesthetics of skylights are sometimes understated even though they add beauty and the value of modern useful technology to a home. Skylights allow you to see overhead blue sky, trees and birds during the day, and stars at night. These visual effects help bring occupants closer in touch with nature, as you are constantly reminded of the outside world.

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